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Somalia and Emirates dispel misunderstanding over funds seized at Mogadishu airport

Somalia and the State of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have gone beyond their misunderstanding over the Emirati funds seized at Mogadishu airport after the UAE authorities explained to the Somali federal government the purpose of these sums of money and their use.“After lengthy deliberations between the two governments on the recent incident involving funds that were intercepted at the Aden Adde International Airport on 8th April 2018, the UAE has explained the purpose and the utilization of these funds”, said a press release issued Monday by the Somali federal government.

According to the same source, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) will work together with the UAE on the “utilization of these funds”, adding that Somalia has sought “to clarify facts surrounding recent developments in order to remove any room for misunderstanding between the two governments and peoples”.

An Emirati civilian jet with 47 military on board was seized at Mogadishu airport on Sunday carrying US$9.6 million in cash allocated to support the Somali army. The UAE has been supporting Somalia’s armed forces for years, as part of its efforts to bring stability to the fragile state. Mogadishio said that this sums of money will be served to the “destabilization of the country”, before its press release issued on Monday.

After commending the strong relations between Mogadishu and Abu Dhabi, particularly in the economic, political and cultural spheres, the Federal government of Somalia has pledged to strengthen its bilateral relations with the United Arab Emirates, as “traditional and valued partner”.

“Somalia is making great progress to implement critical political and economic reforms to rebuild its institutions of government and financial systems to deliver security, services and rule of law to the people of Somalia. Somalia hopes the UAE can be a contributing partner to these efforts as a counterterrorism and trade partner”, added the press release.

Further, the security, prosperity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia are the inviolable foundations of the well-being of Somalia and the security of the wider region. Somalia thus welcomes security cooperation to defeat terrorism and rebuild its capacity to deliver security to all citizens. Equally, and in accordance with the laws of the country, Somalia welcomes foreign direct investment because prosperity and economic growth will help unite the nation.

Somalia therefore welcomes security cooperation in combating terrorism and rebuilding its security capabilities, while commending the flow of foreign direct investment into the country, which is conducive to prosperity and economic growth, two essential vectors to unite the nation.

To this end, the Federal Government of Somalia welcomes the support of the international community for the country’s security. The establishment of security and the promotion of the Somali economy are the foundations of “broader regional security »,  the source said.

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